Why Russia

The world’s largest country lies on two continents and spans 11 time zones. But these parameters are riddled with diversity and a first-time visitor will be amazed at the seemingly endless possibilities to explore this country and the desire to return.

Unique climate. Russia is the only country with all the climatic patterns present but equatorial. Polar nights and days and the eternal frost in the northerly regions contrast with heavy rainfalls all year round in southern coastal areas. Russia is beautiful when bloomy and also smothered with snows.

Ethnic diversity. About 100 ethnic groups live in Russia, speak more than 10 languages, practice Russian Orthodox and Muslim religions and preserve their traditions. Whether you visit Moscow, St. Petersburg or the Russian Interior, you are sure to meet some of the most hospitable people on earth.

Original Cultural Heritage. Rituals, ceremonies, art-ware, architectural miracles, strong artistic tradition make Russian culture one of the most significant worldwide.

USSR Inheritance. The Russian Federation inherited the outstanding achievements of the former most powerful Communist country in the world. Scientific, cultural, political and military potential, which strongly influenced the course of the universal history, is the matter of proud of contemporary Russians.

Contemporary Russia with up-to-date economics open to the entire world remains the country of contrasts with its own particular way to progress. Russia has been changing and re-shaping itself, its boundaries, its culture, its way of living. Here cutting edge technologies meet old traditions which provide the basis on which to enjoy even the most simple activities or exclusive venues and events.

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