Sapsan – Russian Gauge High Speed Electric Train

The Sapsan is a Russian gauge high speed electric express train. The design is part of the Siemens Velaro family. Sapsan train derived its name from the fastest bird in the falcon family.
Sapsan trains link Moscow with Saint Petersburg and Nizhny Novgorod. Travel time in both directions takes less than 4 hours.
There are 509 seats on Sapsan. Each seat is adjustable, has personal lighting, folding or window table, folding footrest.
The train consists of 10 cars: 1 premium class car, 1 business class car, 7 economy class cars and 1 dining car. It also has a conference cabin, which is located next to the driver’s cab and consists of 4 seats with a sofa.
Economy class:
It has cloth seat covering. Car 6 is fully equipped for physically challenged travelers: seats have wheelchair holders and conductor call buttons, the table. All toilet rooms have emergency call buttons; the WC in car 6 is larger than the rest of the toilets on the train. The toilet of car 6 also has a collapsible table for changing nappies.
Economy superior:
Car 10 will provide passengers with more comfortable conditions. There will be fewer seats and the gaps between them will be 90 mm more than in economy class. As for services, passengers will be supplied with sockets for electronic devices, Wi-Fi and different meal choice.
Business class:
It has leather seat covering. Among the amenities that are offered to business class passengers are the following: built-in audio-visual module, socket between seats for recharging your electronic devices, free newspapers, hot meal by set menu, soft drinks, tea and coffee, one glass of alcoholic beverage.
Premium class:
In this passengers can change the position of the chair using remote control. The wide adjustment range of inclination and lumbar support, wider armrests, comfortable headrest and leg support are some of the amenities provided. Each seat in premium class car has individual entertainment system and table in the back of the chair. The passengers of the premium class are served by professionally trained stewards.
Premium Class Cabin:
In the premium class car there is also a conference cabin. It is a separate cabin with 4 premium-class seats, equipped for business meetings. There is a sofa and a TV-set in the compartment. The cabin is also very comfortable for a family trip. It can be purchased only in whole, no matter whether it is booked for 1 or 4 passengers.
Passengers are offered snacks and full meals at the dining car. Physically challenged passengers can order hot meals to be delivered straight to their seats. Sandwiches, desserts, soft and hot drinks can be bought from the mobile bar.
Passengers can be sure that while traveling on Sapsan they are using the safest and the most comfortable means of transportation thanks to modern and reliable equipment combined with high level of services.

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